We have created a suite of proprietary tools to support decision making in early clinical translation of biomedical science. Each tool is composed of several questions which aim to assess: Reproducibility, Model, Marker and Outcome Validity

The tools aim to highlight areas of negative publication to help the client identify and avoid research spin, stealth research or the lack of evidence for reproducibilty

We use a traffic light system to grade the validity of the evidence. We highlight areas of concern, where the evidence is robust and indicate where there are evidence gaps

We help our clients identify the best validated models and biomarkers for pre-clinical testing

clarity of methodological reporting

reporting of inter and intra assay variance

reporting of sample size and sample size calculations

use of multiple models/ teams to demonstrate a given result

clarity of methodological reporting

evidence that the model recapitulates the disease of interest (including grade or stage or heterogeneity)

evidence that the marker correctly identifies the target

clarity of methodological reporting

clarity of definition

consideration of controls and thresholds

consideration of surrogate outcomes and understanding effect