Protocol Submissions

PROSPERO International prospective register of systematic reviews:

CAMARADES register of protocols for animal based systematic reviews:

BIOPROTOCOL an online peer-reviewed protocol journal for life sciences:

OPEN SCIENCE FRAMEWORK an open source software project that facilitates open collaboration in science research.

Reporting Guidelines

PRISMA guidelines for the reporting of systematic reviews and meta-analyses:

PRISMA guidelines for the reporting of diagnostic accuracy:

ARRIVE guidelines for the reporting of in vivo animal studies:

PREPARE guidelines for planning animal experiments:

BRISQ Biospecimen reporting:

STREGA Reporting of Genetic Association Studies:

REMARK reporting recommendations for tumour marker prognostic studies:

Critical Review of Published Microarray Studies for Cancer Outcome and Guidelines on Statistical Analysis and Reporting:

Standards and Guidelines for the Interpretation and Reporting of Sequence Variants in Cancer:

Human Genome Variation Society guidelines:

EQUATOR NETWORK enhancing the quality and transparency of health research:

Appraisal / Quality Tools

ROBIS risk of bias in systematic reviews:

SYRCLE risk of bias tool for animal study design:

CASP clinical study design checklists:



A transparent approach to grading quality (or certainty) of evidence and making recommendations:


Open science Mooc:

Cochrane handbook for systematic reviews of interventions: