Systematic review follows a preset protocol.

They aim to identify all evidence relating to a carefully considered research question. The research question informs what will be included and excluded from the review. The evidence is then gathered, the results extracted, and each study is appraised for quality or risk of bias. The conclusions are based on the quality of the evidence.

Systematic review is the methodology underpinning all evidence based decision making. It avoids bias and opinion.

Using this technique, we provide a transparent summary of the whole evidence base and identify the best evidence; enabling the client to make informed decisions.

Systematic reviews take 3 -24 months to perform.

We specialise in systematic reviews of early stage preclinical studies: translational medicine, precision medicine, genomics, stem cell therapy, immunotherapy and gene therapy.

We bring scientific experience and critical systematic review processes to the preparation of landscape reviews - highlighting the strengths, weaknesses and evidence gaps in any unexplored field of interest.

We can assess: clinical trial risk of bias, preclinical risk of bias (SYRCLE), biomarker validity, tissue sample validity, outcome validity.

We can evaluate the likelihood of reproducibility in preclinical and biomedical studies.

We have expertise in clinical systematic reviews, health technology appraisals, rapid reviews, critical appraisal, biostatistics, literature reviews, epidemiology.