Who we are

qed biomedical provides systematic reviews and evaluations of data from clinical and early stage preclinical studies.

Histological image of PDX models

We help our clients identify the best validated models and markers for pre-clinical testing. We bring scientific experience and critical systematic review processes to the preparation of landscape reviews - highlighting the strengths, weaknesses and evidence gaps in any unexplored field of interest.

What we do

qed biomedical can help investors identify the risks in early biotechnology innovations; providing optimal decision making.

Prostate cancer organoid

Our experience as biomedical scientists trained in systematic review allows us to offer a unique service, critically analysing the data for validity as well as reproducibility. Our processes are transparent and unbiased.

We specialise in preclinical models: PDX and organoids. We have a database of PDX validations.


Our mission is to increase the success of biomedical translation using the principles of systematic review and open science.

We help the expert and the non-expert understand the evidence.

We provide a non-technical top-line summary of evidence, backed by detailed data and transparent judgments.