Systematic Review & Evidence-Based Decision Making

Validity, Reproducibility & Quality Assessments

Due Diligence

Statistical Analysis

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Preclinical Study Design

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Who we are

qed biomedical provides systematic reviews and evaluations of data from clinical, early stage preclinical studies and biomedical studies.


We specialise in systematic reviews of biomedical science and have the expertise to understand novel technologies and their terminology. Areas of expertise include translational medicine, precision medicine, genomics, stem cell therapy, immunotherapy and gene therapy. We have particular expertise in preclinical models (human cell culture, organoids, 3D spheroids and patient derived xenografts), helping clients understand which are the best validated models for their needs. We have a database of PDX validations.


We offer a unique service, critically analysing the data for validity as well as reproducibility. We are a team of biomedical scientists trained in systematic review providing a deeper understanding of emerging technologies.